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Catholic Women's League

The Catholic Women’s League (CWL) is a national organization rooted in gospel values, calling its members to holiness through service to all of God’s people

All Catholic women age 16 and older are most welcome. The CWL at Our Lady of Lourdes began in 1953 and currently has 49 members. The membership fee for 2023 will be $35.00. If you wish to become a member or just want to see what the next meeting offers, please call Patrycja Wiecek, president of our CWL. She would love to chat with you anytime: CATHOLIC WOMEN’S LEAGUE EXECUTIVE ELECTIONS: It’s time to bring some new blood to our parish CWL executive. It has been many years since we had an official executive. It’s time that we return and bring back spirituality and some exciting events. The new executive is scheduled to be introduced in May at which time our current executive will step down, with the exception of our president, Patrycja Wiecek, who will become past president willing to guide the new president when asked. There will be training for each position along with documentation, so all new executive members will feel comfortable by the first meeting in September (we promise). This is where we really need your help!! We have several positions to fill for our new executive and we would appreciate your input. We have created a nomination form (below) on which you can nominate someone whom you know (or know their skills) and would be committed to a position they would hold. Anyone nominated will be called by the elections committee after the nomination deadline of May 7. Please place your completed nomination form in the collection basket at any weekend Mass. We certainly want to keep the faith and friendship blooming in our CWL at Lourdes. Catholic Women’s League Nomination to Executive Positions I, _________________________________, nominate ________________________________, name for the position of ______________________________. Deadline for nominations is May 7. Open positions on Our Lady of Lourdes CWL executive are: President Corresponding Secretary Spiritual director Communications Treasurer Christian family life

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